Caribou Adventure Tours was spawned in the summer of 1994 when a friend from Ontario, Canada visited Newfoundland and asked where he could go to see Caribou and Moose. He was the second visitor that year who had made the same inquiry. I told him I would take him to Newfoundland's wild interior and give him a day in the country. It turned out to be a super day with many sightings, great food, and conversation. He noted that with the tremendous wildlife, demand from visitors, my biology background and love of the outdoors there was an opportunity to begin an eco - adventure tour operation. I began in earnest in 1995 and I have been meeting great people and enjoying wildlife and the outdoors ever since!

It's called Caribou Adventure Tours because of the thousands of majestic Woodland Caribou found in my tour area. They are by far the most majestic animals of the deer family and there are three large herds in the central island region. Moose, Black Bear, and other animals also flourish in my tour area and sightings are common.

I am a biologist, outdoors man, licensed guide, canoeist, fly fisherman, and general naturalist. I guide all my tours personally and I try to make my tours fit your requirements.

Over the past seven seasons I have guided people from all over world, of all ages, and levels of physical ability. The tours are individualized (no large groups) and tailored to fit your lifestyle and interests. Although I do not guarantee Woodland Caribou, we have never missed sightings on any tour over the seven year period! On my tours you not only experience the wildlife and flora of our land but also become exposed to Newfoundland's culture, history, and folklore. "You arrive as a guest but leave as a friend"