For those who prefer a more physical experience, day hikes through remote river valleys , bog lands, or peaks in secluded wilderness areas are offered. Follow actual Caribou and Moose trails through the forest and across the barrens and bogs.. Track and photograph them in their natural environment.
"Experience the Wilds"
...the fragrances....odors....signs of passing of the flowers...taste the abundant wild berries (dewberries....snow berrries.....raspberries.....blueberries...... sub arctic partridgeberries and bakeapples). Learn the life history of the various animals and plants. Inhale the clean fresh air, absorb the vistas. We have no Reptiles (snakes or lizards), Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Lyme disease, West Nile Virus or Rabies on the island of Newfoundland. It's a great place to relax and enjoy your hike. You can combine your hiking with a safari and visit several different areas. Lace up those boots.....
"Wildlife observation .....Off the beaten track"

We offer two special hiking trips which are full day excursions. Our Mount Peyton hike takes you first by four wheel drive into the interior within 5 km. (3 miles) of one of Newfoundland's highest peaks (1599'). We 'll hike to the base and then up to the peak of this fantastic viewpoint.

No special climbing gear or experience is required......this is strictly a hike! This mountain is home to its own Caribou herd and from its barren peak you have an outstanding wilderness view! The area is heavily colonized by Moose and Black Bear as well.....
Look there's a moose ahead!

Our Bay Du Nord hike takes you into the island's largest wilderness reserve...The Bay Du Nord Wilderness. It's an area of big wide open bog lands and high ridge barrens interspersed with lakes and rivers. It is home to thousands of Caribou, Moose, and Black Bear and the only trails here are wild ones! We'll hike for 5 km. then cross a lake and hike on the Middle Ridge barrens. "A Wilderness Opportunity......Too Wonderful To Miss"

"A Wildlife Excursion...... Too Wonderful To Miss"